Desserts Black Forest Gateau  R45 Kiddies Ice cream with Chocolate sauce  R25 Train Smash  R38 Hot Mud Pudding  R52 Baked Apple Crumble  R52 Italian Ice Cream Kisses  R45  

Mini Meals R66

Mini Meals R66 Includes your choice of 200ml fresh juice (orange or tropical) and ice cream with chocolate sauce Breakfast Meal – Bacon, toast and scrambled egg Chicken Meal – Chicken nuggets and chips Fishy Meal – Fish nuggets and chips Mac ‘n Cheese – freshly baked

Enjoy any of the following free sauces with the seafood below: Lemon, Peri Peri or Garlic Butter or Tartare Sauce

Extra Fillings

Extra Fillings Onion, ham, garlic, tomato, green pepper, cheddar cheese or jalapeno  – R14 Savoury mince, feta cheese, bacon or mushrooms  – R18


Burgers All burgers served with a side of your choice Santos Burger (Beef, Chicken, Fish or Calamari)  R69 Saucy Burger  R82 Derailed Burger  R95  


Pasta Carbonara  R82 Mac ‘n Cheese  R62 Marinara Blanco  R85 Romano  R82 Vegetariano  R67 Bolognaise  R72 Oven baked Lasagne  R85


Pizza Tomato & Cheese Pizza  R52 BBQ Chicken Pizza  R72 Garlic & Cheese Pizza  R52 Ham & Pineapple Pizza  R62 Seafood Pizza  R75