We are off the GRID

Goodbye Loadshedding. We are open 7 days a week. NO STRESS about loadshedding. Come and have dinner with us.

Everything is in the Spice

For our secret love no one may tell , when we meet with beating hearts in our curry planted gardens of love

A Morning Breakfast

Kid. What is an orphans favorite breakfast? Teacher. What? Kid. Fruity pebbles with water Teacher. Why water? Kid. Cause it’s dad never came back with the milk

Just a DAD

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.”

The Ocean

The sun and sand go hand in hand.The sound of constant waves –There’s a smell of salt in the air.The ocean is seen through a haze.

Vacation for the Family

The places we have gone toand the trips that we have takenPhotographs of love and laughsof another family vacation. It doesn’t matter where we goas long as we’re togetherAt different ages, on these pages-we’ll be on vacation forever.


Dus weer tyd om jou te kom geniet by Santos Express Train.Dinsdag en dit is BINGO tyd. Maak jou gereed en wees 18h30 in die Santos Express Train kroeg .Kry vroeg n sitplek en bestel ietsie te drink en om te eet.Van Sushi tot lekker hotmud poeringggg.… See more